Prof. Dr. Yoshiyuki MURAYAMA
Invited Speaker: Prof. Dr. Yoshiyuki MURAYAMA
Title of the Speech:
Teacher-training for Disaster Education: Approaches in Yamagata University, Japan
Abstract of the Speech:
Fostering of teachers who can contribute to disaster education and management at school is still one of the issues pertaining to disaster risk reduction in Japan even after 2011 Tohoku Earthquake Disaster. The faculty members including geographers and a geologist in Yamagata University introduced a new course subject to address this issue, and the curriculum coordinator of the faculty decided to offer the new class entitled ‘Introduction to School-based Disaster Education and Management: Guidance for Pre-service Teachers’ for under-graduate students in the course of teacher-training as a compulsory course in 2015. The subject consists of 15 lessons; introduction (1), geosciences as basics of natural disasters (8), and school-based disaster education and management as practical skills (6). Four specialists from Yamagata Observatory of the Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA) and a principal of an elementary school in Yamagata City have given each lesson since 2015. The course evaluation by the students reveals the achievements and challenges from the course.
Biography of the Speaker:
  • Professor in Professional School of Education, Yamagata University
  • Major fields of specialty are earthquake disaster and disaster education.
  • Employment: 1983- Yonezawa Senior High School of Commerce,
  • 1988- Tsuruoka College of Technology,
  • 1991- Tohoku University,
  • 2007- Yamagata University
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