Keynote Speakers
Invited speakers for the second International Congress of Geography Education (ICGE/UCEK-2019) is listed below. The list will be updated.
  1. Prof. Dr. Yoshiyasu IDA / Vice- Dean of the Graduate School of Comprehensive Human Sciences / President of the Japanese Association for the Social Studies / President of the Geographic Education Society of Japan, JAPAN 
  2. Alan KINDER / Chief Executive of the Geographical Association, UNITED KINGDOM
  3. Prof. Dr. Koji OHNISHI / Faculty of Humanities, Human Geography Division, University of Toyama, JAPAN 
  4. Prof. Dr. Tine BÉNEKER / Faculty of Geosciences, Utrecht University, NETHERLANDS 
  5. Doç. Dr. Takashi ODA / Deputy Director-General Learning Institute for Education for Disaster Risk Reduction (LIFE-DRR), Miyagi University of Education, Sendai, JAPAN 
  6. Prof. Dr. Inga GRYL / Chairwoman of Academic Association for Geography Education (HGD), University of Duisburg-Essen, GERMANY  
  7. Prof. Dr. Takashi SHIMURA / Department of Humanities and Social Studies Education, Joetsu University of Education, JAPAN
  8. Prof. Dr. Simon CATLING /  Oxford Brookes University, Oxford, UNITED KINGDOM
  9. Prof. Dr. Toshio HATSUZAWA / Faculty of Human Development and Culture, Fukushima University, JAPAN 
  10. Prof. Dr. Yoshiyuki MURAYAMA / Professional School of Education, Yamagata University, JAPAN
  11. Dr. Davide PAVIA / Italian Association of Geography Teachers (AIIG),  Sapienza University of Roma, ITALY.